How Can Intravenous Therapy Help You?

Charles Moss M.D. Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy Treatments offered at the Moss Center for Integrative Medicine in San Diego California are used to treat a broad spectrum of conditions, concerns and health issues. Because of imbalances that occur though illness, or the normal course of aging, some people begin to stop absorbing the correct amount of nutrients and vitamins their body needs.

Using IV therapy, Charles Moss M.D. uses IV Therapy to delivers nutrients directly to your bloodstream where your body’s cells are able to quickly receive the nourishment they need. By understanding the benefits of IV therapy and some of its uses, you’ll be better informed when calling to schedule your appointment with Charles Moss M.D. of Moss Center for Integrative Medicine in San Diego California area.

Read on to learn about the most popular IV therapy treatments offered by IV Therapy Doctor, Charles Moss M.D. in San Diego La Jolla California.

Cancer Treatments

High-dose vitamin C taken intravenously may help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy by the fast and direct application of critical nutrients, minerals, hydration and antioxidants. While no clinical trials have demonstrated that vitamin C affects cancer cells directly, alternative medical practitioners frequently recommend high doses of vitamin C as part of cancer treatment.

Chronic Illnesses and Conditions

Combined with other treatment plans and recovery methods, IV therapy can provide a valuable infusion of nutrients into the body to promote healing. Patients who experience serious and long-lasting medical conditions or illnesses (or those looking to prevent them) will benefit from the nutrients and hydration provided by IV therapy.

Autoimmune Disorders

Because autoimmune disorders include a wide range of complicated and unique symptoms and conditions, treatments typically involve changes in fitness, diet and lifestyle. IV therapy can be a powerful supplement, providing high-level nutrients delivered directly to the bloodstream without being watered-down by your liver and intestines.

Minor Illness and Prevention

For common illnesses such as the common cold, flu, jet lag, hangovers, exhaustion and stress, IV therapy can provide the hydration and nutrients to help you get back to your daily life. Because only a small amount of Vitamin C can make it past your digestive system to be used efficiently, a direct IV drip of Vitamin C can be a much more effective way to fight off colds and flus and recuperate from hangovers, exhaustion and stress.

Energy and Weight Loss

By providing your body with vital nutrients that support muscle growth and powerful vitamins that help remove toxins, IV therapy can help jump-start your fitness and weight loss regimen. The hydration provided by iv therapy is also great for athletes who need to stay on top of their game.


Toxins enter out bodies through a variety of sources, environmental and otherwise. Specialized IV therapy protocols with an infusion of healthy vitamins and nutrients can help you flush out toxins and improve your overall health.

Aging and Aesthetics

When our bodies lack nutrition or hydration, it shows. By bypassing the digestive system, IV therapy can deliver these critical nutrients and vitamins directly into the bloodstream without being processed and diluted by the intestines. This is especially helpful as our bodies age and our intestinal tracks become less efficient at absorbing nutrients.

San Diego La Jolla Area IV Therapy Specialists

Charles Moss M.D. customized IV therapy drips are designed to help you recover from an illness or support you in reaching your health care and aesthetic goals.

To find out more about how intravenous vitamin therapy can transform your life and improve your health, call San Diego  IV Therapy Doctor Charles Moss M.D. of Moss Center for Integrative Medicine in San Diego California for a consultation!